Full Flight debuts in Texas

Full Flight plays their Texas debut in their new hometown of Belton. Patriot Coney Island, famous for their cinnamon chili, is a great family place serving good food at reasonable prices. There are pool tables, ice cold beer and plenty of seating. Come down and have a good time with Full Flight!

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Working as a Videographer

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Rebel Video Production

Many steps go into producing a three and four camera live show.  The first part, of course, is to get the best sound and video you can in the setting.  This can be a challenge in some locations, even with a stage and lighting. The biggest challenge I’ve found is the spot light and getting all the cameras adjusted for the changing lighting. It takes quite a bit of monitoring and riding the controls of the camera to get good exposure.

I spent many years in my earlier career working on the movie sets with the camera department and with a Director of Photography and Gaffer. This was the ideal setting for a shoot as everything was a group effort, with controlled lighting, rehearsal with camera and actors, and most of all continuity. This is what I enjoyed the most because even though the movie work has high pressure and…

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100 Likes on Facebook – WooHoo!

One of my customers. Using my methods, we accomplished this within 24 hours. Congratulations There She Glows! Day Spa on breaking that first Facebook milestone! If your company needs help with social media, please contact me – Will
Each company and its clients are different, results vary.  

There She Glows! Day Spa

100 Likes On Facebook 100 Likes on Facebook!

We would like to thank every one of our fans for helping us reach 100 likes on Facebook.   Our clients make There She Glows! Day Spa a wonderful place.  We are glad you think so too.

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