New Media Promotion

New Media BannerSocial Media.  Internet Marketing.  Mobile Web application integration.

There are many experts in each field so what makes me different?  I connect them all to work in harmony.  I “paint” your portrait across the web, designing and tailoring your professional profile across all spectrum.  Make you an all-star on LinkedIn.  Jump start your Facebook page with REAL likes.  Design and utilize your Google+ page, enabling SEO rankings to rise.  Verify with Google and Bing your company so that you are found.  Design a blog/website that is not only beautiful and functional, but also mobile and tablet friendly.

All of these things take time and skill.  Nothing is overnight, there is no “magic” other than hard work.  I work with you, side by side, diving into your business to paint this portrait.  What I do is more of an art, derived from years of self promotion, experience with other firms and total creativity.  You are the one who knows your business best.  I know how to portray you.  I will teach you and your staff how to effectively manage your own marketing.  I have found that most people do not want to hassle with their social media and marketing.  They will hire some company to throw up a page on Facebook and Twitter, make some random posts, charge a maintenance fee and then wonder why it is not getting results.  My approach is different.  As the old saying goes – “Give the man a fish, he eats for a day.  Teach him to fish, he eats for a lifetime”  Yes, I design and set it all up for you.  Yes, I will walk you through your first blogs and will write stellar articles about your business that will get read.  After I get you off the ground, it is more cost effective for YOU to speak about your business, and perhaps have me come in for a tune up when it is needed.  After all, I am just a marketing specialist.  You know your business far better than any social media person does.


I specialize in finding your current clients and connecting them with your Social Media network.  This vital to establishing a framework to build upon. Promoting your services is fine, but really, the best way to reach a new or potential clients is to get your current ones talking about you.  This is what I do and I have proven methods for getting your message seen.

Target marketing means prospecting correctly.  What good do 1000 “LIKES” on Facebook do if none are in your market?  Using my methods, I can teach you how to prospect,  Finding and connecting with people that will enhance your current network.  Then I will help you migrate those those prospects and connect with them on every social site available, delivering your message and keeping them in your sales funnel until they finally make that first action. Then the ball is in your court to make the sale.




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