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Modern inventions? Not so modern anymore.

Castles. Muskets. Ticker Tape.  White Out.  These are things that are relics of the past.  With our rapidly changing world, I decided to think about what will be gone from our daily lives within the next 5 years.

CD’s/DVD’s.  Like the 8-track and the cassette, the CD/DVD itself will shortly be but a memory.  Programs and applications like Itunes, YouTube, Netflix and Pandora have already replaced the CD’s and DVD’s in most of our devices.  Seriously, when is the last time you actually took out a CD and played it?


The desktop computer.  Say goodbye to this relic.  Coming onto the household scene in the mid-80’s, it is being replaced by laptop, tablets, web capable TV’s and smartphones.  Soon, the desktop will be gone just like the monochrome display.



Fax machines.  These guys are obsolete now.  Send an email, attach to an email, print.  We all saw this one coming!



The thumb drive or flash drive.  Did not see this one coming.  Yet with newer storage devices like Sandisk able to deliver 32 gigs and super small, these guys are also slated for extinction.



The cellphone.  The basic cellphone is mainly a prepaid device now.  But with the smartphones coming onto prepaid now, withing 5 years all phones will more than likely be smartphones.  They will probably all have hotspots too, further making them more popular as we cannot live a moment unconnected!

These are just a few items that have been invented, used and become obsolete in my lifetime.  I encourage you to comment with things you think are going to be obsolete within the next 5 years.