Weekend Highlights – July 12

#BigBearLake #ChiliCookoff was a huge success again this year. Here is my day

The Big Bear Times

Saturday, July 12.  It is the day of the Big Bear Chili Cook-off and I got up and ready early.  Cameras charged and ready, schedules printed, car packed up and a nice breakfast all before 8 am.  I drove in from Boulder Bay and stopped to take a picture of the sky.  How many perfect days can there be?  Every day when you live in Big Bear.

I started my day at the west entrance to the village.  I wanted to see all the dune buggies head out for their drive around the lake.  Unofficial count was over 270 vehicles from all over the world were participating in this event, making it the largest gathering of Meyers Manx vehicles in the world!  I was not disappointed at the colorful display.

I made my way over to the Bartlett Road parking lot where the chili cook-off was just setting up.  After getting…

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