Playing YouTube videos on Twitter

This past week I discovered YouTube videos playing on Twitter.  Big deal?  You bet.

I have not always been a tweeter, in fact, I use it more because I “have to” as opposed to “need to”.  I am in front of a computer most of the day, and Twitter really is more mobile friendly, so when I am walking in nature, the last thing I want to do is be on Social Networks.  Sure I use my phone for pictures, but that is about it.

I think that is about to change.  I am an avid video hunter.  I use YouTube mostly for music and band rehearsal.  Rediscovering songs of my youth and along the way finding other little known treasures is fun and puts variety in my shows.  I know I can put a link in my Twitter and share my videos.  I did that back in 2009, when GoodDayLA used to have the Twitter Feed on their webcast of the show.  That is still true (as of this of writing) for embedded feeds on websites.   The change is on Twitter on your desktop.  The video plays right on Twitter, just like it does on Facebook.  Now, I am thinking I missed something.  Something this huge should have had fanfare and been written about.  Heck, where is the press release from Twitter?  Nothing.  I looked before writing this so as to not be a fool.  If you know this, comment when please.  I found one article by NY Times Blog “Bits” about the MOBILE feed be able to support video, and how it was tested with an NBA game, but other than that, nothing that addresses this change which is making me look at Twitter myself.

Here is a screenshot:

Twitter Screenshot

Amazing! You cannot do it here on the blog – I took the picture straight of my Twitter feed. On the feed you can Play the video without getting redirected to YouTube. This is big. It still is a bit clunky as it opens up the individual Tweet to play the media. I would like to see that go away. This alone has prompted me to install Twitter on my phone and give it a try. I let you know what I really think as time goes by.

Chasing The Rabbithole:

Going down this Rabbithole I got sidetracked and rediscovered “The Kinks”.  While most people know “You Really Got me” and Lola” – many people do not know this band started in 1963 and went for over 30 years! Here are a few songs worth rediscovery:

Celluloid Heroes
Jukebox Music
Price of the Punks
Low Budget
Dead End Street
Where have all the good times gone
All Day and all night
Sunny Afternoon
Come Dancing


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