Are you connecting with your clients? Or are you just making noise?

I keep saying this over and over, whether you have been in social media for a few years or you are just getting started – you initial connections are your framework.  Lets see if you can answer this question easily – if some unknown company asked you to “like” or “follow” their product , would you?  Even if you did, would you interact with them just because you saw some post?  Maybe if it was funny or cute, but seriously, would you buy a certain tire for your car just because they had a cute kitten playing in a tire?  If you won’t do that, what makes you think anyone would?

Kittens in a tire










Photo courtesy of Puppies are Prozak

Let’s start over.
I am going to use another tire shop example.  Suppose you see a post from a local company that your friend likes.  You friend has commented that they got a good deal on the tires, the salesman was helpful and they were in and out in a reasonable time.   Now if you saw that post and you happen to be needing to replace your tires, would you look up the company and give them a call?  Much more likely.  This is what I am driving at.  Engagement is needed to produce an action.  Getting your current customers to like your page takes nothing more that a specialist (such as myself) who can connect YOUR social media pages to YOUR customers.

Once you find them, then you seduce them.  Get your customers to write about their deal.  Get them to comment on you post about your store or product.  Build your framework then ENGAGE your customers.  Then, and only then, can you start with the cute kittens campaigns.

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