Tesla – Huzzah!

I love cars.  I love horsepower, driving fast, the thrill of cornering racing – all of it.

I love technology.  Computers, music equipment, audio, video, communication devices.

Combine my 2 favorite loves and what do you get?  Tesla!

I have been fascinated with the man, the myths, the band (80’s) and now the car.   Nickola Tesla to me represents the underdog with a vision.  Elon Musk has rightfully named his car.  I applaud the “stick it to the man” attitude of Tesla Motors.  Telling the dealerships where to go.  Telling the oil barons where to go.  All the while giving us a sexy, powerful vehicle AND putting in charging stations (Tesla owners use them for FREE) enabling us to go where we want.  79 Supercharging stations in America according to their blog.  Drive from LA to Chicago and New York for FREE!  WOW.  The all wheel drive family truckster comes out in 2015.  Rumors are that after the Gigafactory is finished they will be able to produce a low-priced car.   If that vehicle is under 20k and I don’t have to fuel it – sign me up!  Tesla – putting the innovate back into motorvate.  Huzzah!

This is my new section of my blog:

Chasing the Rabbithole

One quote in a report I read this morning while chasing this rabbit was through Yahoo written by Rick Newman via The Exchange to me seemed a little bit of a dis.  The report was trying to sound in the middle and explaining that the good ole boys way of having dealerships was essential to Tesla becoming a player.  This quote “Tesla obviously feels differently, arguing in another blog post (the company’s preferred way of communicating with the press and public)” bugged me.  Why?  because I could not help but wonder, if Tesla Motors has the mindset of bringing the cars from the manufacturer to the people – it only makes sense that the information they chose to communicate is delivered the same way.   Huzzah to Tesla again!

Writers note – Tesla announced its 80th charging station on March 16th, 2014 – just one day after I wrote this article – another Huzzah!


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