Kevin Bacon and Twinder – is there a connection?

Yesterday the world was sharing this very funny video by Kevin Bacon.  Unless you live under a rock, you have probably seen it.  For those that haven’t, Kevin very seriously tries to address Millennials about 80’s awareness.  I laughed at the “getting nuked” part – since I lost a couple of friends that way also.  But something about it bothered me. 

The first time I saw it, he said something about Twinder.  I dismissed it at a purposeful mispronunciation of Twitter, a crack at my generation and our mixing up our social sites.  Many of my friends’ call Facebook Facecrack since it tends to be addicting.  I have heard people call Myspace Myface and so on.  I have heard friends refer to Myface, Spacebook, Facecrack (my favorite) and so on.  Then I shared the video with my wife and when he said it again – I thought “wait – is there such a thing as Twinder?”  The horrified thought that I was one-upped by a celebrity regarding any legitimate social site was appalling to me since social media marketing is my job.  I had to Google it immediately! Twinder is a proposed search engine for Twitter – based in cloud computing (that is my simple understanding from reading it  once – read more yourself) I see many sites come and go so I really don’t pay a lot of attention until it at least becomes a factor.  Then again, I usually at least know what each site or application is, even if their existence is a blip.  How did I miss this?

This thought continued to plague my dreams and was even wondering over breakfast “did Kevin Bacon drop the word Twinder as part of a clever marketing scheme?”  WOW!  What a sneaky way to get the word out.  Bury the single word “Twinder” in a joke PSA that has a major show (The Following) perceived as the money behind the joke.  Because guess what?  It made me look Twinder and discover it was at least a thory.  Now that I read about it, of course I wanted to try it.  So this morning I set to work, Googling furiously and reading every single reference I could find (truth, I spent 15 minutes).  I found one Google reference “Twinder app” and found an announcement from Reddit 4 days ago that Twinder app was now available.  That took you to to find your long lost twin, which laughed at me for believing Twinder was real – which then took you to, another matchmaking site.  Other than that, this looks a rabbit hole – or is it?  Did Kevin do it on purpose?  Does he have a stake in the real Twinder?  Or is it all just a big joke?  You decide.

Earlier this morning before I had coffee – I misspelled Keven – I have corrected it – I was late to work at the time.  Please excuse me Kevin – I thought it looked wrong!

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