Full Flight – Feb 22 at Le Dolce Vita Tasting Room

Le Dolce Vita Tasting Room


The first official gig of 2014 is booked and ready to go!  Full Flight is the name of the band.  Full Flight will often have Rebecca Allen on flute or bass.  Special guests will join from time to time.  I have “crafted” a special blend of Classic Rock, Alternative, Originals and new songs all done in a singer/songwriter type style.   Not too laid back, not too loud – just right to enjoy, talk, have fun.

Le Dolce Vita Tasting Room is one of my favorite places in Big Bear to hang out.   I usually gig there once or twice a month.  The owners, Bryan and Valerie Bianchi and some of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Le Dolce Vita Tasting Room (LDVTR for the rest of this post) is a fabulous place with a 5 star rating and 53 reviews on YELP!  Easy to find in Big Bear Village – it is right across the street from Northwoods Resort.

In addition to endless wine, Brian keeps a good stock of beer from Hanger 24 and other choice breweries.  Chocolate Porter, Summer Ale’s even a Jalapeno Cherry Bomb.

I forgot to mention SAKE!  Brian and Valerie added Sake last year and let me tell you, it changed the way I thought about this Japanese drink.   Did you know that upper end great sake is often served chilled – not hot?  Did you know that sake, like fine crated beer, is often cloudy?

No matter what, if you are in Big Bear – you must stop in, hopefully when I am playing.  You will have one of the most memorable times and you might learn something too.

Le Dolce Vita Tasting Room Facebook Page

Full Flight at Le Dolce Vita Facebook Event Page

Looking through a beer glass


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