LinkedIn Changed Again

Social Media changes more often than a model at a fashion show.  In this case – it’s LinkedIn’s turn.

Brilliant and dazzling I thought to myself when I went to my contacts and saw this beautiful, rich new layout.

Sort By

Awesome – and began to dig into what the changes were.
Filter BySort by: Recent conversation, Alphabetical and New – could be useful.

Filter by: All Contacts, Connections only – pretty obvious.

Company opens a new sliding menu here – NEAT.Company
Tags, Title, Source – they all open up sliding menus, hey I like this!

I feel I am missing something here….



Where are the Imported Contacts and how do I import this new contact list?

LinkedIn new add contact icon

I will get straight to the nuts and bolts:  Go to Network – Contacts like usual.   In the new contacts bar on the right side you will see a little guy and a gear.

Sync contactsClick the guy and you will see Sync contacts from email and Add contact.  Choose – Sync contacts from email – that does nothing.  Well – at least as far as I could tell. Choosing Add contact opens a single address connection.

New LinkedIn Import Contacts

            Click the gear and you get a whole new page of contact options. Sync from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar and look here – iPhone!

LinkedIn Sync Contacts


                                                                                      Now it functions with CardMunch, Evernote and TripIt Applications – call me crazy but I don’t have everything figured out – so I guess this is great….

Here is what is relevant to me, CSV files! Now, I keep my lists on my computer in various sorted lists.  So I have a few new people that I want to see what they are about on LinkedIn before I rush off and put them in my email contacts.   I have personal contacts, Social Media contacts, Music contacts and some are mixed.

Bottom line is this – if you are importing straight from a plain old ordinary CSV file – you will have to use gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or something else and then sync it to LinkedIn.

You can then find them by going to contacts – source.  You will see whatever source you used to import.

For most of you, the new design will be quicker and easier.  For others, it means nothing at all.  But for some of us who work LinkedIn with multiple types of contacts, this will mean importing into an empty  email account, syncing it with LinkedIn, then removing those contacts to make way for the next batch.  The nice thing is – once they are imported – you can tag them right from there.  It will also tell you who is on LinkedIn and who is not and then connect with those that are easily.  

The bad thing is that you cannot invite in bulk anymore.  One the one hand, that is mighty inconvenient, on the other hand – maybe it is for the best.

Oh, I almost forgot one more tiny little detail – that might affect you.  When you go to Sync your email account, make sure you are not logged into your wife’s Yahoo account, or you may be wondering why you are connecting with so many hairstylists!

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