The Ever-Changing World of Social Media

Social Media changes faster than a texting teenager.  Every day I figure out something, only to have 10 other things to figure out.  Keeping up is, to say the least, difficult.  Try this new feature, link to that, do the other thing and did you get that update implemented yet?


First of all, always remember that while it is great to be up on technology and use the latest thing, don’t go rushing off on the newest and latest.  Do your research.  Was this app tested?  How will this change benefit your business? Most important to me is “Will it screw up what I already have working?”

In my line of work I am juggling not only my personal career, but also the livelihood of others.  It is all well and grand to screw up you personal hobbies and “presence” but even that can have repercussions with your work or business.  As links and pages intertwine and cross-reference, suddenly you might be faced with a personal idea or post that links back to where you work or your business.  You have got to be careful with your TOTAL internet presence and avoid “rushing in”.

Here is a good part.  Today I learned that LinkedIn was going to remove the WordPress application.  OH NO!  But, this turned out to be a good thing.  There was a link back to WordPress to set up “sharing” from WordPress.  Upon investigation, I discovered that I could “share” my blog right to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr and Yahoo.  Previously I had to set up my HootSuite to do this.  I did a small test, which some of you may have seen, and it looked like a winner.  Further tests will have to be done in order for me to use it on my clients, but it looks like a time saver and free’s up my HootSuite for other posts.

This blog itself will actually be a test of realtime publication, as I am posting it right away.  The next blog will be posted for a later time and will probably reflect the pro’s and con’s of setting up my WordPress this way.  Quite frankly, I am hoping this works. If it does work the way I think, I will be able to post to different sites from HootSuite – such as choosing Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

All in all, be careful, try tests, be sure what you are using works first.  Even if it works, be aware of changes that it may make on your behalf.  After all, do you want your business account to connect to your personal account which then links to your crazy aunt’s posts?  It could happen.

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