Social Media equals referrals

Do you need to increase sales? Do you think you have exhausted all your good leads? Then it is time to shift your focus. Dig in to your current customers, you know, the ones you have already sold. But you sold them already, right? Can you up-sell them? Can you sell them an add-on? Can you extend the contract? Did you ask for a referral? If you answered “no” to any of these questions and it has been over 3 months since you contacted them then it is time to contact them.

1. Use Social Media
Do you have a Social Media strategy? If you think Social Media is just a waste of time then you are missing the boat, my friend. Social Media is one of the strongest referring systems that is out there right now. Think about it, Facebook and Twitter are ways many people keep track of each other. If Bob asks Susie “Hey Susie, I just moved back in town, where do you go to get your oil changed?” Think about it, you want your name to be on the tip of Susie’s tongue when she gets asked that question. It is really all about the referral. You want all your clients to be your friend, stay connected, like your pages and so forth.

2. Get your staff involved
Get your staff to create and participate in social sites. If you have a staff of, say 4 people, you can either have them all participate or you can assign each one a “specialty” site. One can run your Twitter and update it every day. Another can run the Linkedin. One can run Facebook. You can have team meetings that can be fun and creative, sparking cross selling and changing the pace of an otherwise dreary office. Make incentives as a team so everyone wins.

3. Create a referral program
This one is so easy, yet it is not used by the majority of businesses out there. Simply give away something inexpensive that everyone wants in exchange for a customer testimonial or referral. Offer a $5 gift certificate to your customers. Does your town have a bakery that everyone loves? How about a coffee shop? You can mail a gift card, email a coupon, be clever. $5 for a testimonial may seem like a bribe in the old days but today you are simply rewarding a customer for their time. Everyone is busy in our fast-paced world, so you have to make it worth something unless you are the only one on the planet offering your service or product. If you think about it, if it costs you $5 for every sale, is that not worth it? If it makes a current customer happy too, BONUS!

New customers are always good. But don’t forget your current ones. Keeping a good relation with them is key to staying in business. Referrals are the most powerful ally you have in creating revenue and staying open. If you don’t make your customers happy, can you think of a competitor that will?

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