The power of Linkedin

Linkedin.  We all know it and many of you will read this blog on Linkedin.  But do you know the real power of Linkedin?

I have been working with social sites since the days of MySpace (RIP, lol).  Facebook, MySpace, Google ads and whatever else I could do to get music out there, I tried.  I have had a Linkedin profile, but I really did not do much with it.  Until this year.

Here is an overview.  Linkedin offers Personal Profiles, Company Profiles, Group Profiles. To make connections you can load your contact list, connect with the suggestions of “people you may know” and even advanced searches.  It is easy to make connections, but are they the right fit?  This is where you can unleash the power of Linkedin, or really screw it up.

Realize this principle, whatever connections you have will dictate the connections Linkedin will suggest.  Let’s go down the WRONG road for just a second.  Lets say you own a business and you hire a social media “expert” who tells you they are going to get you 300 connections in just one month!  One month later, after you paid them, you find out that the connections they have are no one you can do business with.  Not only is it a waste of money, but those connections have now “seeded” the suggestions, which means someone like me will have to clean or get rid of all your connections.  By the way this is true of Facebook and Twitter also.

Lets go down the RIGHT road.  Whether you or the social media person you hire does the work, I found this works best FIRST.  Load your contact list into Linkedin.  Do this through G-Mail, it is the easiest and works nicely.  Done correctly this will ask you if you want to send invitations to connect with people already on Linkedin. Connect with those people. The second step DON’T DO!  That step invites the remaining emails that are NOT on Linkedin to join Linkedin by sending them an email.  Every time this has been tried, my clients get complaints from their customers about spam.

If you do this correctly, you will “seed” your Linkedin account with meaningful relative connections.

In upcoming blogs, I will outline step by step exactly what to do and not to do to make meaningful connections which you can use to generate sales and presence.

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