Shes the one

This song was originally done in 2005 in the WastelandMusic studio.  Originally, after many Vodka Red Bull’s, Donnie Feathers (Vocals, Beats) and I (Guitar, Keys, Drums) were arguing about the next song to record.  I remember Karl Camp (Bass) throwing up his hands and saying “I’m hungry, if you girls don’t knock it off I am gonna quit”. So Donnie agreed to go start the BBQ while I stayed upstairs in the studio.  This song is what came out.  When I met Rebecca Allen in 2006, I talked about someday doing a video to this song.  She loved the concept but was very busy.  I finally caught a break in her filming schedule in 2010.  Ironically, the store closed down 6 months after we made this. This may be the last song and video about a video store.  Sad to see that era go. Filmed by Rebel Video Production on location at Warehouse Video Big Bear City, CA.

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